Success Rates

Through our high-quality eggs, careful retrieval process, and years of expertise, Egg Bank of America has produced some of the highest success rates nationwide. Our success rates are roughly 82% with a constant focus at being as close to perfect as we can get for our clients.

Egg Donor Screening

Our donor screening team consists of the most experienced screening and testing professionals! During the initial consultation with the donor, we discuss the steps involved in egg donation. There are physical implications, time commitments, logistics, and sometimes medical risks involved with the procedure. We want to make sure that our potential donors are aware of these commitments up front. Once the donor chooses to move forward with the donation, they undergo a physical exam and mental evaluation to assess how prepared the donor is physically, mentally, and emotionally. The donor then undergoes a background check, family and individual health history exam, and additional medical tests to decide their viability for potential recipients.

Our Guarantee

Patients that have purchased a cohort of donor oocytes are guaranteed to have at least one (1) day 7 blastocyst to transfer or biopsy for purposes of preimplantation genetic testing, provided that the sperm specimen used for fertilization is noted to have a total motile count (TMC) greater than 10 million. Each clinic will follow the Gardner grading system to record results of the egg thaw. If a blastocyst is not obtained from the initial cohort, patients will receive 1-2 additional oocytes up to a maximum of six (6) additional oocytes for fertilization until a day 7 blastocyst is obtained.*


*(shipping not included)

Donor Portal

The first step in any journey is the hardest, but we are here to make the egg recipient process as easy on you as we possibly can. The first thing you will want to do is create a login for our donor database.

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