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Can you tell me what the difference is between fresh and frozen donor eggs?

In regard to a frozen donor egg cycle, the IVF cycle has already been performed and the eggs have them been frozen for future use. This process allows a patient to schedule their treatment at anytime unlike the process of using fresh donor eggs.  Using fresh donor eggs does have its benefits however.  In a fresh cycle, there is the potential for more eggs to be retrieved, but there is no guarantee.  Still, using fresh donor eggs will require sitting on a waiting list or involve you waiting for the donor’s menstrual cycle or time of availability.

How are donor eggs shipped?

All donor egg orders are shipped overnight to your clinic. We wait for confirmation that the clinics laboratory is ready to receive the eggs, then set-up shipment.

Does Egg Bank of America have a guarantee on the eggs being purchased?

Patients that have purchased a cohort of donor oocytes are guaranteed to have at least one (1) day 5 or 6 blastocyst to transfer or biopsy for purposes of preimplantation genetic testing, provided that the sperm specimen used for fertilization is noted to have a total motile count (TMC) greater than 10 million. If a blastocyst is not obtained from the initial cohort, patients will receive 1-2 additional oocytes up to a maximum of six (6) additional oocytes for fertilization until a day 5 or 6 blastocyst is obtained.

Does Egg Bank of America offer any discounts?

A Military Discount is offered for any active members of our armed forces. Please call (800) 674-9102 for more details.

How exactly does the whole process work on purchasing donor eggs?

The first step will be to register to our donor portal so that you will have the ability to see all of our current donors available. Also feel free to reach out to one of our team members to walk you through the process. Once we receive confirmation from your clinic that you’ve picked a donor, we will reserve your donor egg cohort and begin setting up the process of having it shipped to them. After all of the paperwork has been signed and payments been processed, we will have your eggs overnighted to your clinic. It’s that easy!